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Hi, tennis fans

Searching for the perfect way to learn, get active and have fun?

Then Action Packed Tennis is for you...
Rain, hail or shine...
Yes it's indoors too...

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Specialised European foam balls


Specialised European foam balls

Action Packed Tennis racquets


Smaller, lighter frames

Action Packed Tennis net and court


Smaller nets and courts

About Action Packed Tennis

Created by Former International Tennis Professional Simon Youl, Action Packed Tennis is all about learning skills, having fun and getting fit.
 We have taken Hot Shots to a whole new level! The weekly APT program is for kids aged 4-10 years that are beginning tennis. It utilises a specialised European foam ball that allows players to instantly develop racquet speed and control.

The immediate outcomes are higher levels of movement, more fun and greater success for all participants. Its all indoors, we have 12 courts specially set up for kids, surround seating for parents to watch and our APT Coaching team ready for action. Our aim is to provide an environment for both parent and child that is one of fun, learning and action packed. The Action Packed Tennis philosophy will be based around your child learning to rally earlier, being very active with their movement and developing a love for the sport.

We look forward to giving your child a great time and watching their skills develop throughout the term and year ahead.

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